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Washing a piece of furniture....
Welcome to Cheryl's blog on how to recreate found objects.


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Washing a piece of furniture....

Once you get a peice back to the workshop it is usually very dirty with years of grime.  If I am going to be repainting a piece then I like mix some water and bleach  in a bucket and wash it down. Let it sit for a minute then lightly spray it down with hose and it amazing the dirty grime and water that comes off of a piece. Then I let it air dry and it with the sander and sometimes repeat the process.  I do this process also when it painted.

Welcome to Cheryl's blog on how to recreate found objects.

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this blog thing, but from what I hear it is a popular way of sharing your ideas and how to's on subjects in today's world.  I would like to thank you for visiting my site.
I would like to talk about the first steps I do after finding a object or bring one home for a garage sale.  I like to give each piece a nice CLEANING....    Of course the fun part is pulling out the drawers and searching for any lost treasure.  I have bought and found hundreds of pieces over the years and still have not hit the jackpot.
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